Link popularity

This post belongs to a series about search engine optimization (SEO) with Magnolia CMS. Today we look at increasing your site's link popularity.

Search engines place strong emphasis on your site’s link popularity. Links from external sites, especially highly ranked ones, increase your site's rank. The more links targeting your site from external sources the better.

There are countless ways to build links and a comprehensive discussion on this is beyond the scope of this paper. Some ways that Magnolia can help to build incoming links are:
  • By developing a blog on an external domain to promote your main site. The Templating Kit allows you to manage multiple sites in a single instance.
  • A forthcoming social media module will facilitate effortless integration with social media networks that have become a must for success on the Web.
  • Social bookmarking provided in many Magnolia templates.
  • Friendly URLs make creating external links intuitive and easy to create.