Magnolia Academy launched

We are launching Magnolia Academy today. It is a new independent learning resource that teaches Magnolia 5 step-by-step. Code samples, exercises, tests and videos help you learn in a way that suits you best.

Magnolia Academy targets learners across the globe: a developer in Beijing who wants to put a star on their CV or a system admin in São Paulo who does not have access to classroom training.

The idea of online courses was raised as we realized that we cannot offer personal training everywhere in the world. Magnolia's growth projections for the next two years made the situation imminent. As problems go, this one is a very nice problem to have. It's good to have growing demand. Responding to that demand just needs quick acting.

The Documentation, Services and Development teams at Magnolia collaborated to produce online learning modules that range from basic system setup and project best practices to templating and app development.

Check it out and post your feedback on the forum.