Doc Jam 2013

Magnolia Conference 2013 has left town. Time to sum up the results. I organized a Doc Jam session to collect feedback on documentation.

If you haven't been to a jam session before, it's pretty simple:
  1. Name a documentation topic that is missing.
  2. Help us write a table of contents for it.

Here are the top three topics proposed by the attendees.

1. Managing system health
  • How can an administrator tell a system is healthy?
  • Symptoms and numbers to watch out for (too many nodes?)
  • Collecting system statistics.
  • Events to log routinely vs. events to log when in trouble.
  • Serious vs. harmless log entries
  • Issue scenarios like what to do when the search stops returning results.
  • Idea! Create a Health app that provides vital stats.

2. Replicating your environment
  • Replicating a complete site to a dev or test environment. 
  • Configuration to change after cloning.
  • Changing subscribers to avoid publishing content to production.

3. Activation (publishing) best practices
  • Nodes that are OK to activate from author to public.
  • Nodes that are not OK to activate such as the anonymous role.

Thank you to everyone who proposed topics. We will write about them and post updates.

If you didn't get a chance to attend the conference, post your request on the Magnolia forum. See you next year!